Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim 


First of all, it gives me great joy to have you stumble upon this. I welcome you to my world with a warm heart and a cookie or a chocolate cake, because why not? Before you conclude that the blog may have something to do with baking. No. I am extremely passionate about what I eat but not so much with what I cook. I just mention the cookie, because I truly feel food is divine pleasure.

I have been brought up in the Gulf, to be more specific – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and I am pursuing my graduation in India, just like a thousand few others. Often our lives have a preconceived notion in the eyes of many.

All I want is for you to have a glance at things,

My way, our way.

And if you are from the Gulf, then read along and get ready for a whole lot of nodding in agreement.

Until Next Time.








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