Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim


Eid Mubarak!

It was day 3 of the festival here yesterday and the celebration may seemingly have thinned down, but the exchange of visits and relishing of the scrumptious Sheer Khurma still continues.

I hope you have had a pleasant Eid this year. Alhamdulillah, my Eid was wonderful, with the Daawats still in queue.

Eid marks the end of the month long devotion one establishes through fasting and prayers. The eyes are numb with the departure of the beautiful month, but a tingle of excitement eventually grows on to celebrate the day. Eid is symbolized as the joy of togetherness, it is celebrated differently around the globe,  but the root festivity being coming together and getting in touch with all the people you know.

Every Desi household marks the beginning of the day by preparing Sheer Khurma, since it is the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW to eat something sweet before leaving for the prayer, and that is how I suppose Eid ul Fitr has somehow become synonymous to the sweet dish.

Now, if I were in Saudi things would have certainly been different, to start with the sleep cycle is upturned and the entire night everyone is awake, and so is the entire city buzzing with activity, all through the month of Ramadan. It certainly was an ordeal for me when I got back to India and had to resume college, as is getting back from there to India is hard, I might do another complete post on that which I may hyperlink here in the future, InshaAllah.

The rest of the day follows with visits from your relatives, and every time the pot of Sheer Khurma  is set on heat. Now, if you have any elders or grandparents to visit to, many families flock over to the head of the family’s house and celebrate together.

The second most essential element to celebrate Eid in a Desi household is *drumroll* Biryani! Devouring into the taste blast of rice and meat is a must during the day, if not for Biryani it is either the Kababs as Barbeque grills are set ablaze. All in all, it is a day of feasting.



My past Eids in the Kingdom would always be celebrated in the peaceful city of The Prophet SAW, Madinah Al Munnwarah. I do really miss celebrating Eid there since I was there for Eid all my life, but I make up for it by watching the Eid Salaat live.

The biggest difference in Eid from there to here is the visits of family and friends, I barely had any relatives there, so it is a different experience here. But the fact being, that it is only a day or two holiday here where as it would always be a week long of festivities in the Kingdom. The malls, the roads, every public place there screams loudly that it is Eid.

Even in the City of Nizam, where I currently reside, specifically in some areas men dressed in kurtas embracing and greeting each other could be seen literary everywhere. It created an altogether different flow of energy through out.

Lastly, I do hope that we continue to strive to keep our bond with the Almighty stronger through out the year. InshaAllah.

Until next time!



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