The Second Week of July!

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim 


Can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since Eid! The past week has only been synonym with busy and hectic, as assignments from college have been eating into all my time. Also, we had a get together at our place, since the dessert also included Sheer Khurma, I am guessing we could classify this one as for Eid Milaap.

The Welcome drink 


I also whipped out a dessert, that I would like to call Oreo Shots. It is literary just cream and oreo, and the easiest thing to make when you have to serve a lot of people. I served it after the sheer khurma and the scraped clean cups were enough proof of its acceptance and was much applauded by all.

To be honest, I do not think that I want to rant about anything specific, mostly because I don’t feel like I would do it justice if I wrote anything right now. So, let’s just talk about life in general, ha?

So, let us begin with talking about something which has substantial impact on our daily lives, the weather. It’s been a whole lot of crazy weather here in the City of Baigan, pun intended.

It rains for a day or two, the weather is absolutely amazing, and then the next morning its scorching hot up to 32 degree Celsius. Some days you wear that pull over feeling cold and come back home regretting it, and some days you wear that cotton shirt and come back home regretting it as well. In short, your wardrobe feels useless and ordeal of deciding what to wear is taken a notch higher.

But, the days it does rain it is a sight to be relished.


I like the rains only for the pleasant weather and the greenery it brings about, but there’s only so much of grey skies that I can take. I strongly believe that the sun shines up my day and fills in this different energy which I couldn’t do without. Also, India isn’t exactly the cleanest place on this earth, the rain only makes it murkier.

This was a short post, but I promise to make up for it in the future. Also, I would love to hear about what is happening on your end as well.

P.S How can we leave without talking or thinking about the Kingdom? Here’s a postcard from Home, I had clicked on my previous visit. 

Until Next Time!



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