Rain, rain drain the bad away!

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim

Asalamalaikum(Peace be on you),

I am confused.

I had planned to post on every Sunday but honestly, Sunday is like an all chores day where all the laundry, dusting, cleaning that  I postpone for the entire week has to be looked after. Sundays are tiring, the only relaxing part being getting to sleep late in the day.

Which brings me to this point of difference I found here, everyone in India wakes up maximum by 8 beyond that and people look at you with raised brows. Nope, they do not hit the bed at 10 in the night they just conveniently sleep in the afternoons or whenever they find the time sometimes right after breakfast.

If there is one thing that is prominently popular about Saudi culture it is to sleep in late in the day. Especially on the weekends, waking up by 11 or 12 is a norm. I do not say that everybody does it but most or just almost everybody does, and we do have a reason for that. It’s a dessert we live in and there are very restrictive things to do during the day due to the heat and most of the activity happens at night.

Also, it’s the darn weekend alright! The schools there start pretty early sometimes by 7 in the morning so during working days we aren’t sleeping the day away it is only during the weekend or breaks. But, guess that doesn’t work here, you should be up and about even on a Sunday, but my life, my rules, I will wake up when I want to. *Wears glares with Swag*

Remember how I had said it had considerably been raining during Eid, it still is. Shocking, yes. I can easily say that in my 2 years here this is the most of the monsoon I have seen. And that just perfectly calls for some Pakodas(Fried Fritters).

Aloo Pakodas

This is my mum’s exclusive recipe and is quite a hit among all my cousins. As for me, if it has potato it is in my favorite list, this one being somewhere in the top maybe right after Fries.





We also planted some rose flowers in the porch, which gleefully bloomed as the rain poured on.

Well, I guess that’s about it then. Still not decided when to fix the day for posting every week but I might post when the creative juices are right, now we don’t want to serve something unappetizing.

*Drum rolls*

Time for postcards from Jeddah.

Until next time!



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