Identity Crisis?!

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim

Asalamaalaikum (Peace be on you),

I am a little late, I know.

But, join me in my little party as I embrace the long Independence weekend with wide arms.

Also, it is the best day of the week and personally my favorite, Jumma’h (Friday). Let the celebration roll then!

As long as I can remember, I have fondly loved Friday, since it is the weekend in the Middle East, so it is just everybody’s favorite day and not to forget the spiritual importance of the day. I just feel this whole vibe and aura in the air on Friday, that makes me happy from the inside.

Friday essentials

Yes, it was initially difficult to adapt to Sunday as the weekend, ironically it was the first day of the week in Middle east. But, now it’s all good. More than Sunday, it is Saturday night which is the most relaxing to know that the next day you can sleep in.

Moving on!

It is summer vacation in the middle east, which means that Indian NRIs have been flocking to their homeland.


One such tiring day after college, en route home, I spotted two girls in auto rickshaw in fancy Abayas taking selfies in their fancy phone, I smugly smiled to myself and thought “NRIs” and immediately my eyes widened in shock, did I just tag someone what was or is a tag associated to me?!

Since the area I reside in, is densely populated with the likes of expatriates or families of ones who reside outside India, it is during these days that just by seeing the people attempt to hire an auto or shop around, you know that they are here on vacation, there is just something about them that gives it away.

So, now coming to the point.

If you’d ask me say 3 years back, where are you from? I would promptly say, Jeddah.(Nah, not even just Saudi, you do not want them to think you are from any other city.) Indian origin, obviously yes (Like my face and broken Arabic wouldn’t give that away) but someone who has been brought up there.

I have been living in India for almost 2 years now, with a maximum of 2 months stay back in Jeddah every year, and trust me I think I have a certain identity crisis right now, and this situation probably does arises for every person who is in a similar situation such as mine.

I cannot call myself a complete Indian, but just Indian enough to blend in with the residents and hello, I would like to believe I am still a Jeddawi at heart, I mean I even have a profile picture change every year to green on 23rd of September, so yeah.

But, I no longer hassle with bikes and cars ramming into our vehicle on the roads, or the unnecessary bleeping of the horns served with thick black smoke choking our throats while the vehicle takes dips in the potholes, it is pretty normal now.

I have come to terms with the fact that if you decide you want to head out after 9 the only thing that will probably be open, is the pharmacy.

So, maybe I could say that I am having a fair share of both the worlds. Alhamdulillah.

I can only imagine how it is for the ones who have gone elsewhere for their higher education and then visit India, they fall under a special category of NRI.

Okay enough of banter, let’s talk about what is actually important. Food.

This week, the mother dearest rolled out one of the classic and most missed snack from Saudi,  *Drum rolls* Muttabaq, which is basically minced meat filling in a special dough.


I do not have much pictures this week because it really wasn’t that eventful, even the rains thinned down and the suns beaming every day. I know sunlight calls for even more amazing pictures, to be honest I just didn’t have the time.

Let’s wrap this up with the routinely post card for the week(Jumma’h special)!



Until Next time! 

Saalaamalaikum(Peace be on you)! 





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