A Slice of Food Heaven – Part I

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim 

Asaalamalaikum(Peace be on you), 

Another Friday, Another beautiful day.

Unfortunately, it isn’t the end of the week for me yet.

Let us directly jump into today’s rant, which I feel is super important. I feel like a heavy burden levied on my shoulders to which I have to do complete justice.


One of the essentials for human survival.

Just captioning it as food would be a head too wide for me to be able to cover in days. I am not joking when I say I am passionate about food.

For today, I will try to cover as concisely as possible (it’s a difficult task)  in this single post the most popular and scrumptious meals only available in the Kingdom, precisely in my home town Jeddah.

I have said it before and I will say it again, Jeddah is my food heaven.


The following content may lead to untimely outbreak of extreme levels of hunger. Readers advised to make sure food is in close proximity and protect their respective screens from being stained with their drools. 

Let us begin!


Jeddah is truly a blessed city, you are closest to both the holy cities, there is the beautiful beach, and then there is Al Baik.  Jeddah is gifted to have close to 50 outlets in one city. There are two Albaiks very close to my house as well, just in case one of them runs out there’s always the other.

AlBaik is one restaurant that will never be empty, the order numbers soaring up to 1000 by midnight the line in front of the counter never extinguishes.

The men in white caps with red borders are ever busy chucking out the crispy brown unique flavoured chicken with thin fries which taste like no other, while also throwing in those Garlic sauces which you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world.

To those who do not know, AlBaik is the most popular fried chicken outlet in just all of middle east with it’s customer base only increasing and never reducing in numbers. It is widely acclaimed so because of it’s distinctive taste, which though so many tried to replicate but never made it even close.(P.S There is one in India, also but again no where close.)

Every Jeddawi swears by the taste of AlBaik, and being comfortably affordable it is your go to meal option. The captivating smell will capture you from a good distance from the outlets.

Not only the chicken but the nuggets, sandwiches and coleslaw are hot sellers with huge scores being sold out as several walk out through the door laden with many packets of this divine food.

Darn, I can almost taste it but it’s only a thousand miles away from me right now.

 2) Tamiyah, Hummus & Khubz 

The world may call it Felafel, and rave over the taste of fried chickpea fritters.

For us, it is our good’old Tamiyah from the Boofiyah. 

That rhymed!

Boofiya is like a cafeteria bustling with Shabab(Young men) in their jerseys drenching with sweat from the football match they just had.

There is nothing like, a Tamiyah or Shawarma or Bayda(Egg) sandwich from the Boofiya with a good Muskhakal juice(Fresh Mixed Juice). I love this combination.

Tamiyah sandwich is fondly remembered by me as the hunger savior in the school canteen at the humble rate of Riyalain( Two Riyals). You get it outside for slightly higher price, but it is always under 10 bucks.

There are several outlets around the city which sell Hummus. There are some which you like and some not so much, but they are all nothing like you would have tasted before with authentic dishes being crafted by original bearers of ancient recipes in several places.

There are fancy places and there are just normal take away places, both offering the humble Hummus and Felafel.

Bread(Khubz) is available in abundance in all over the Kingdom, at a very low price. Devouring the creamy hummus with the soft bread is a delight of its own.

Again, at a very affordable rate one finds himself a good and light dish which serves as a hearty meal.

3) Muttabbaq 

Yes, we did talk about this last week, but in brief.It is a crime to talk about food from Saudi not mention,  Muttabaq.

This dish is a favorite snack of layers of flour with minced meat stuffed inside served with lemons and chilis on the side.

Owing to its popularity any outlet serving Muttabaq will always be buzzing with crowds awaiting their orders, and hence making this dish an item reserved for not frequent devouring.


Also, another popular dish fished out of these outlets is Masoob which is basically a sweet dish made of Banana, honey, cream and bread. It is a very rich and heavy dessert, which I can only manage a few spoons of.

Sadly, if you do not stay in Jeddah or anywhere near it is time for us to come back to our distant cities from this food heaven, but just for a little while.

To be honest, I could just go on and on. I do have a pretty long list.

But, also I want to hold your attention and not eat into a lot of your time.

So, I take your leave for now with a promise to be back as soon as possible with us further diving into the insane food world of Saudi.

Since,  all this food talk has virtually transported me to the Kingdom, I don’t think we need any postcards to stamp it in our memory, right?

Until next time! 





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