Sunday round ups.

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim 

Asalamalaikum(Peace be on you), 

How have you been doing?

Alhamdulillah, I have been good and I hope the same and even better for you.

It is Sunday!

I hope you have a stress free day filled with things which relax you from the week that has gone by.

Not so much for me as I have my Internals this week, so I  cannot leave my books neatly piled on the table and do whatever I want.

And this is one of the reasons why I am late this time and with deep regret cannot continue my food list further this week.

But, we can just have a conversation about everything and anything.*pun intended ;)*

The first thing which strikes me when I have to talk random for some weird reason, is the Weather.

Or maybe because I managed to capture nature being its beautiful self which I wanted to roll in and didn’t know how else to.

The weather has flipped completely and is now scorching hot. I have come back home with my shirt dried with sweat then gotten wet again and then dried again. Don’t you scrunch your nose in disgust. Sweating is the natural way of the body to cool down and everyone sweats.

Though despite the heat, some days the sky was like a canvas with display of splendor art of the clouds.





Thanks to being surrounded by tall buildings around I couldn’t get what actually was on display. But trust me, all the while on my ride back home, I had a smile etched on my face and SubhanAllah on repeat in my heart.

Also, one of my cousins left for the life changing journey of Hajj (Pilgrimage). Several emotions crossed through my heart to see someone go to the Land you know so well.

May Allah accept the devotion and prayers of all those who have embarked on this remarkable journey and present this opportunity to all of us, If He Wills. Ameen.

How can I possibly completely put off talking about food?


So, from one of the many best bakeries in Jeddah, Munch cupcakes.

Since I have been craving these little soft chocolate balls, I think it was only befitting to post this one today.

Indian bakeries just do not know how to make subtle cake options. They always have to  pour in that sugary syrup, making it extremely sweet and their obsession with fancy and loud decorations on the cake with excessive cream is beyond my understanding.

Though there are just a very few exception to these, Thank god.

Karachi Bakery here in Hyderabad has been my place to go for cake cravings, they just almost manage to reach the taste of cakes as is in anywhere outside here.

Well, I guess this is it for today then!

Have a great weekend and even more awesome week ahead! Insha Allah.

Until next time!



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