Eid ul Adha 1437!

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim

Asal’aamalaikum(Peace be on you),

Eid Mubarak! 

I hope you have had a wonderful Eid so far.

It’s the second day here, and I suppose the third in many places around the globe.

Which means that I am here just in the nick of time to wish you. *Phew*

The major highlight of this Eid ul Adha has been the damp and rainy weather here, it’s been raining incessantly since Friday, making things pretty clumsy and hard with the sacrifice.



Eid ul Adha marks the day when Hajjis(pilgrims) complete the most significant ritual of Hajj, the Day of Arafat( which I constantly kept a tab on and felt whole lot of nostalgic) and the sacrifice holds symbolism with the sacrifice of Ibrahim(AS),who was willing to sacrifice his beloved son for the love of His God, but was later informed about it only being a test which he had passed with flying colors.

By distributing the meat into three equal parts; for self, relatives and the needy. Eid ul Adha ensures cordial relationship between family and equitable distribution and satisfaction to all strata of society.

Alhamdulillah, despite the rain, the customary was done though with maybe slight discomfort, but it all accounts for a memorable Eid to be remembered later in time.

Also, my father arrived before Eid from the Kingdom,  his presence adding joy to the occasion and the delectable Al Baik Sandwiches, a feast for my stomach.

Last week, my mother baked this amazing pizza muffins for lunch which I unfortunately as I was in a rush couldn’t capture properly.

So, I guess that is all for now. I hope you extend your festivities till the weekend or even ahead, and the joy for all the days in your life.

P.S. I just realized we have to for around 9 months now until the next Eid!

Before I take your leave, here is a postcard from the Kingdom from one of my previous Eid there.

Until next time! 




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