Endless Monsoon & National Day!

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim 

Asala’amalaikum(Peace be on you), 

How have you been doing? Good I hope, InshaAllah.

The Eid hangover is long gone, and it has been well back to the grind since then, so much so that it feels like Eid was a month back to me!

Next week is also slightly busy for me, so excuse me if I am slightly delayed like today.

Had I mentioned that it had been raining during Eid? It still is.

I am surprised, honestly it would be considerably warm by the end of September but the grey clouds seem to just hang around here all the time now.

I miss the sun. The short intervals when it does peek through the thick cover of clouds I soak in as much warmness as possible.

One such day last week, when the clouds were not busy pouring and just hanging lazily I managed to capture them and SubhanAllah, they were indeed like a piece of artwork on display.


I found a model




I just realized the Saudi National Day is almost here. The national day in Saudi Arabia is celebrated on the 23rd of September every year.

But, unfortunately this time around it falls on a Friday, the one assured holiday thanks to the Kingdom does not go amiss as I have heard a holiday has been declared tomorrow. 

Since the past two years, I do miss the cars cloaked in green with it’s passengers furling the green flag on the roads or just seeing green everywhere.

Image result for saudi national day cars

Honestly, no country celebrates like Saudi Arabia. It’s an insane celebration.

If you were to set out towards the beach, firstly it would take you unexceptionally longer since everyone is on the roads with their cars adorned in patriotism.

This is not restricted to only the nationals may I add, we, expatriates would go full swing with decoration of our cars and celebrations in school to show love for the nation which has been our home.

The national anthem is still on the tip of my tongue.

I don’t know what new merchandise or trend is picking up in the nation for the season, but the essence of patriotism is always the same towards the

Happy National day, ya’ all!
Henceforth, talking so much about the Kingdom makes the postcard even more essential for today.

Until Next Time!






One thought on “Endless Monsoon & National Day!

  1. Ikr saudi arab national day is the best and its good to know that u also live in saudi arabia (i live in riyadh btw😂) and some stores offer free stuff too …like this time i got free coffee from dr.cafe😜😜


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