Weather rant!

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim 

Asalaa’malaikum(Peace be on you), 

It is Wednesday, which means it is pretty much right in the middle of the week.

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Just hold on there, Saturday is inching closer and for those in the Gulf you can keep up that grin, your weekend begins in a day.

I had said earlier that I was expecting this week to be exhausting, but Alhamdulillah things have slightly turned around mostly due to the rains that havocked floods in most of the city, and earned us a day off which has to be unfortunately compensated for this weekend.

I wasn’t bluffing when I had said that this was really the most of rains I had ever witnessed, things got pretty rough for the ones in the low lying areas in the past few days.

We literary didn’t see the sun for days. It was utmost gloomy, I really do not know how people up north go on for days without seeing the sun.


Also, I am deeply intrigued as to how people in cold places or places where the sun bids good bye for long dry their clothes, we had a pile of laundry, and when we could no longer wait for the skies to clear, we washed them despite being dry after several attempts they were damp and not crisp at all, and this same concern was echoed by many.

But, finally today I would say was the first day when the sun shone out full and the clouds faded away for a while. It was such a respite to feel the warm rays on my skin and everyone else, ironical of how one would flinch on the touch of the same in summer, not me though, I always hold deep fondness for the sun, even when it is the hottest.

The sun symbolizes light and warmness to me. Sunshine just makes me feel good, it instantly makes my mood better to be in a place filled with sunlight.

The Sea gleaming gold under the Sun

If you ever sit down and really notice, you would realize how the sun really gives everything it shines upon a glow, a beaming look, notice the grass or leaves or just anything which illuminate upon being touched by the sun, I find this surreal and amusing.

September is inching to its end.

Which is suppose to mean that fall or autumn is here, but that doesn’t really mean much for us here in the South Asia.

All my life in the gulf I have known only two seasons, Extreme summer and then the Moderate or Tolerable Summer which unfolds in from November to April. And just maybe, an occasional shower once a year, which would call for an assured holiday!

Now in India, in this city, I have learned of three, Summer, Monsoon and Winter.

Fall and Spring are still weather conditions I have learned of only from my environmental science book, also snow!

I would love to experience snow, it’s one of the critical must do’s in my bucket list.

Well, this turned out to be more about the weather and climate then I wanted it to be.

I wouldn’t want to eat up much in your time either, so let’s just leave it at that for now, shall we?

For the postcard from the Kingdom, the setting of the sun I had managed to capture from a moving car.


I hope you have an amazing week of what is left ahead!

Until Next Time!







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