Pizza Banter!

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim 

Asalaa’malaikum(Peace be on you), 


The new Islamic year has begun! It’s 1438. May this year bring forth with it prosperity, blessings and goodness for all of us, Insha Allah.

Also, on the Gregorian side October has well slid in leaving us with only 2 months in this year.

My week was brightened up with this Pizza, we baked last night.


If you are hungry, the following images may conjure further more hunger. Let the drooling begin!



Remember the Pizza muffins I had previously posted about? A batch of those were also baked and was all very appetizing, Alhamdulillah.


Talking about Pizza, my absolute favorite pizza since childhood is the Saudi Arabia’s  Pizza Hut’s(Specifying the country is essential because the Pizza Hut around the globe taste completely different), Chicken Supreme Pizza, second to which is the pizza we bake at home.

Oh that reminds me, I do have a picture of the Pizza back there. Drool on.


Along with the Pizza, their Chicken Baked Pasta is the yummiest and a must-have for every visit.

Excuse me for the blurred picture.



In Jeddah, Pizza Hut, I recall has been the go-to place for Pizza since long for most of the Jeddawis. There are popular Western outlets now opening up but for as long as I can remember, Pizza Hut has been the most apt Pizza option in terms of taste, price and ambiance since long.

Another unusual favourite item of mine in their restaurant, is the mayonnaise pasta that is served in their salad bar. I just solely buy the salad and serve only that pasta salad on my plate.

Well, well, that unexpectedly turned out to be a full fledged post on Pizza! Do tell me if you like pizza or not?

Living up to the Blog’s motive, we can talk about everything and anything.

On the weather front, the sun has been shining bright for a while now fading all grey’s away.

I hope you have a great week ahead, InshaAllah!

Until Next Time! 






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