And we are back!

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim 

Asalaam’alaikum(Peace be on you), 

It’s been a while! How have you been? Good, I hope, InshaAllah.

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The semester is officially done with. I have a weeks break before my next semester commences and all my time will be dedicated to brainstorming for here, Insha’Allah.

November has well slipped in.

Looking back, we have talked a lot about food in the previous posts. Can’t really blame me! I have been home studying and the fanciest thing I could capture was food.

And to be honest, I haven’t really gone out since the exams got over only yesterday, so… did I mention I loved chocolate? I think, I have, oh well!



While we are at it, a new restaurant called “Istanbul” has opened up near by, now if you live in Hyderabad, I am practically giving away my address. It must have opened up around two months back and we have already had their Shawarma around 3 times now. dsc_0907


It is undoubtedly the best in this city, with the least tweaked Indian changes in the taste, one of the reasons why it is always bustling with crowd, you can never see the interior from the outside. For Rs.90, it is pretty light on the pocket and quite heavy on the stomach as well!

Moving on, I don’t have anything extensively planned for the next 5 days, I might just indulge in something which makes me internally ecstatic, cleaning and organizing.

Also, I really want to utilize this time for reading, but I can just not decide what to settle on, suggestions are duly welcome!

I also plan on binge watching some TV show, again I can’t decide on which one, so again  you are free to make suggestions!

Basically, its a very laissez faire affair, to just go with the flow!

November has well slipped in, drawing this year closer to an end.

The weather has also started cruising down, with the mornings dawning with 14 degree Celsius, I know that earns me an eye roll from the ones up north, but hey I am a dessert brought up girl, that is way beyond the coldest that gets there.

So, it was more like a catching up session then?

But, I will be back sooner and with something interesting hopefully to keep you entertained, Insha’Allah.

Image result for the best among you are the best in character

Take good care of yourselves!

Until next time! 






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