Of World Events & Walk in past!

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim 

Asalaa’m alaikum(Peace be on you), 

The Messenger of Allah(SAW) said, “The best day on which the sun rises is Friday.” 

It’s Friday, my favorite day of the week!

If you really must know, from the long list of to-do’s very little has been achieved, thanks to the whole notes fiasco binding us at home, but we still have three days to go.

Well, the news channels in India were the second most busiest in the country headed by the bankers. They were all extensively engaged in the US Elections coverage, but a more entitled news broke out hours before the same and took everyone in surprise.

The step to scrap off existent 500 and 1000 notes, was indeed a significant one. As a Finance student myself I could feel the huge repercussions that would follow.

Given the heavy dependence of our economy as a whole on cash transactions, even for a day it was pretty chaotic.

Then followed, the long endless queues outside banks for exchanging the notes, the various accounts of people been held up in queue for more than 2 hours, and I can only imagine the immense pressure the bank staff is going through.

We cannot also deny that it is a very bold move for counterfeiting the black money vice from our economy.

The other news that created waves around the world was the US elections. To be honest, I do not even know what to say about that.

But, for one thing the memes and jokes that followed so spontaneously were absolutely entertaining. Especially the one on the Indian notes, you have to give it to the Indians for having the presence of mind to instantly even while taken by  complete surprise to spin around the humor mill.

Well, that was a whole lot of newspaper update, so as I said, there was a slight restriction but we did have a little time travel of our own, which was a free trip.

A very small structure called the Taramati Baradari, was basically a stage for a dancer called Taramati whose dance was relished by the Emperor from the Golconda Fort.

It is a small place, well maintained and a slight glimpse in the past. And I do have a thing for all historical structures, but unfortunately I left my camera at home so excuse the picture quality.

Since we were home, so I did try my hand in the kitchen with something I haven’t tried before.


The temperatures have been sliding downwards and its getting colder, so I thought of trying something warm and sweet, and so I baked an apple and cinnamon cake just hours ago, which surprisingly turned out well given my past baking experiences.


Next, home made burgers were grilled to quench out cravings for good burgers untouched with any Indian fusion. Alhamdulillah, it turned out well.

That turned out to be longer than expected, and if you read on till here, thank you for your time!

I hope you have an amazing weekend!

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Until Next Time! 




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