December Dawns!

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim

Assalamala’ikum(Peace be on you), 

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December has dawned upon us!

And, it is also Sunday!

The official month that marks winter, the end of the year, hence symbolizes an end of a period or chapter of our lives.

For no plausible reason, I simply love December.

But, I am not a very big fan of the extreme cold weather since I have moved to the Chilly City of Hyderabad where temperatures gleefully slid to single digits. Contradictory much, you say?

Well, there is only so much cold and grays I can take, my shot of sunshine is essential to me.

Also, cold is nice if you can simply hibernate, but waking up early in the morning when you only want to burrow deep in your blankets and having icy water run through your taps isn’t the best of the starts one can have.

But, one cannot deny in the tropical regions it is the most comfortable weather of all times, such as in Jeddah, where taking strolls by the sea is finally feasible and the choice to wear any clothes and not worrying of drenching in sweat.

A Popular spot among Jeddawis for strolls by the sea

My closest encounters to  winters prior to living here, has to be my visits to Madina in the Kingdom.

Madina Highway in Winter

It has also been one of my desires to experience snow once, to one who has never experienced it, it is a mystical fascination we are keen to experience.

I guess the cold is bearable if you have heaters to keep you warm and the snow as a sight to devour.

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There is also the joy of warm drinks such as hot chocolates, coffees, teas and pleasure of soups and spicy curries.

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So, I guess anything in moderation is nice.

Phew, that turned out longer than intended!

I hope you have an amazing week ahead, with the strength to steer through whatever it throws at you!

Until Next Time!




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