Second Week of December!

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim

Asala’amalaikum(Peace be on you),

How has your week been?

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It is Sunday again, and it is only getting colder here with every passing day.

I think, I just might start to enjoy it a little bit now, because it is really beautiful and awe-worthy of how nature changes itself periodically into such extremes, SubhanAllah!

Though, mornings are still dreadful, a little bit of everything is always nice, and same stands for the cold, especially when the fog and sun can make my everyday morning ride so pretty.

And what is better than some homemade hot gooey mac and cheese to warm up the evening.


To be honest, if I were to explain winter to my old Middle East self, I would tell myself to imagine myself in a room where the AC has been on for a good 12 hours at maximum cool, and that the chill does not vanish even after 15 minutes switching off the AC .

What else?

The YouTube Rewind for this year came out and like several others I too was disappointed. Hands down, for me 2014 was the best of all, or maybe we just had cooler stuff back then.

I know I am only again rambling about the weather but I also have something else planned to post, something slightly different than the usual weekly journals, which will hopefully be Insha Allah  posted soon!

P.S It’s been a while now isn’t it? Here’s a postcard from the Kingdom right where the Red Sea meets the shores of the Peninsula.

DSC_0341 (2).JPG

Until Next Time!






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