The 3 Wheeled King of Road!

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim

Asala’amalaikum(Peace be on you), 

How have you been doing? Good, I hope InshaAllah!

It’s been long, I know. So let us jump straight into what I want to talk about this week.

As I was literary scouring my head for ideas for the post this week since I did not want another journal entry I stumbled upon an old write up I had written for venting my emotions in my very early days in India.

Which to a certain extent still holds good, the AutoRickshaw Ride.

Image result for hyd autorickshaw

2 weeks and counting, my stay in this city of Biryani is the longest in the past five – six years. The heat has melted me and the polluted air infested my nose and lungs. Going anywhere out here is the biggest ordeal you will encounter.

But the story here is completely different you cannot go out without coughing up a huge amount of smog and stench of either the drainage or garbage. Oh do you want to know about the waste management? Well, let’s just say it’s very easy you burn up the entire dumpster until all the waste turns to ash and the air filled with more smoke but well  at least there’s no more garbage loitering the pothole ridden street never mind the contribution made to already heavily polluted air.

So, I was talking about getting around the city even if it’s the finest mall in the city  you are most likely to travel in an auto-rickshaw if you own no means of transport, which mostly includes a two wheeler and also maybe a four wheeler, so as I own neither of the two I have to travel in an auto, driven by people who literary think of their profession as a business and find it surreal important to bargain with their passengers in the middle of a road where buses are honking motor bikes blazing by and hawkers yelling at the top of their voices to make their voice reach literary.

And if somehow you manage to find an Auto Rickshaw which agrees to travel at a suitable price or if he turns to be an idealist (possibility is absolutely rare, as they are close to extinction) agrees to turn on the meter (which is what the law demands) or maybe you just give in because you are running about 45 minutes late now to reach the destination and are ready to just make it there somehow.

Now you sit inside the auto rickshaw tired, irritated and wishing you reach your destination soon but whatever you wish for remember always the contradictory happens in India (Ting, “Incredible India”).

The possibility of you encountering a busy road ambushed with slithering two wheeler and pacing four wheeler and ticking auto rickshaws is high at all times, people here are always travelling and it’s the rarest sight to see a road empty. I have encountered several traffic jams back in Jeddah, really bad ones which last for about two hours where our car hardly moved but here the story is different, you sit in the Rickshaw in a jam coughing up and listening to all the honks and loud mouthed individuals who suppose they are the only ones who wish to get out of here where as the rest love it and are not moving intentionally.

For the first time you sit in an AutoRikshaw there are high possibilities you may completely freak out as you may think the bikers may get inside the auto or the person hanging  in the bus next to you may fall over your Auto, and not to the forget the joyous time when the auto takes a deep dive in the potholes and your stomach and intestines do a free fall and hit back into places with a thud, but not to worry once you get used to travelling your internal organs will eventually harden up and not do the fall, see there is a plus point auto rides  on a road filled with potholes makes your internals stronger(ting, “Incredible India”).

There you go, I know that now in the past three years the cabs have been a major breakthrough in the history of public transport in the country with Uber and Ola but I really felt that my early account from my novice days was worth sharing.

Now, after commuting for nearly 3 years daily to college in an auto and the easy no haggling cabs at the tap of your phone things are very different, Alhamdulillah.

I hope you enjoyed that and since it’s dreadful Monday you have a great week ahead!

Until Next Time!



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