Chariot Ride in Clouds!

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim

Asala’amlalaikum(Peace be on you), 

How have you been? Good I hope, InshaAllah.

I almost did think I would be late this week, why you may ask, well T’is the Holiday season when everyone is heading out home, and well so did I to the place I grew up, back to the Kingdom.

Technically it hasn’t been a day yet here.

To be honest, I love the excitement of visiting places and going around, count me weird but I dread the whole packing, reaching airport 3 hours prior and then the hours after you arrive when you have to adapt and are practically a zombie.

I am probably not even eligible to complain about this, when there are people who travel practically around the globe and shift from drastic contrasting time zones.

But, it is all just so amusing, how time changes, how you can in a different place travel back towards or ahead of time, SubhanAllah.

Once on the plane, I believe that the whole ticket fare is majorly for transporting us but also for the scenic and grandeur displays of the earth that we can possibly not relish from anywhere else. I am like a child who finds all unoccupied swings and slides.

SubhanAllah, the breathtaking views from above and having the clouds almost as my co-passengers is something I love about flying.

I love Clouds.

I think I am an adult but I still want to touch the clouds and maybe even try to sit on them, they look like the softest and fluffiest thing ever.

En route, I happen to see the merging of sheets of sands into the layers of sea twice,on the Arabian front it is just the plain sea of sand merging into the sea of blue ocean while the Indian coast has a more scattered and mountainous terrain, both distinctively beautiful in their own regards.


If you do have a winter break or any holidays, I hope you have a great time, InshaAllah!

I will try to cover up on all that I have missed on Jeddah in my previous posts and capture all that I can within this span of small break that I have here.

Until Next Time! 



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