Smile, please!

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In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Asalaa’malaikum(Peace be on you), 

How have you been doing?

I know it’s been a while and you may have deduced that I am well back from the holiday.

Initially, when I got on the plane back my main idea was to pen down my next post on post holiday withdrawals and such, but it all went out of the window on Thursday morning. 

Why? Well, I found it more important to share this extremely short yet what many may consider insignificant incident with you. 

On Thursday early morning, some digits post 7 on the clock,  when the sun too had just woken up and lazily shone with the least brightness and warmth, I seated myself in my daily three wheeled yellow commute. 

As I seat myself, I extend out my pullover under the sleeves of my Abaya to my hands to dig my fingers in my palm and then thrust both my arms crossed as I hold my bag against my body despite me being the only one seated. Being picked up first in winters doesn’t exactly have its perks, you actually wouldn’t mind people seated next to you. 

The brash auto makes its way through the lane of my colony as I sit behind with my sulky face, sleep deprived and cold ridden. I compose myself with the ideas of the approaching weekend and the relaxing long sleep that it will bring along.

The auto wedges out of the colony by lanes into the main road and I flinch as the cold wind no more guarded against houses lashes upon us. Just then, a small girl perched on a motorcycle sitting uptight due to the weight of her school bag in a knit sweater wrapping her arms tightly around who I presume is her father is right parallel to us.

She looks at me and maybe she confuses me for someone else or just like that even through her eye lids heavy with sleep she flashes me the sweetest smile stretching from one ear to another. 

Automatically on cue, I return her a genuine smile back and the two wheeled bike manages to speed ahead of us and I am only left thinking of how big of a difference a small smile from just anybody can make.

The first thought that sprung in my mind was ‘Alhamdulillah’. I felt blessed that even in the smallest way, my Lord did establish that He is constantly with us no matter what. 

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And by the grace of Almighty, it turned out to be a day better than I had expected.

A very different post now, isn’t it? Image result for smile its sunnah

I know, we have been missing a lot of food in our talks, to be honest I just cooked Honey Chilli Potatoes and savored them.

Food will be back soon, InshaAllah. 

Have a great Sunday and an even amazing week ahead!

P.S. I know you are very busy,but just don’t forget to SMILE! It really does make you look the prettiest. 

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Image result for smile quotes tumblr

Image result for smile quotes tumblr

Until Next Time!



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