A Walk through Numaish!

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In the Name of Allah, the Most gracious, the Most Merciful

Asalaa’malaikum(Peace be on you), 

How have you been doing? Good, I hope InshaAllah. 

Let’s jump straight into what I have in store today! 

This post as the title suggests is about the annual big event in Hyderabad since long, ‘Numaish’, as it is called among the locals, is an exhibition where traders from all over the country put up their stalls.

Calibrating to the fair style atmosphere the exhibition has a few rides and plentiful of food stalls on offer.

The exhibition holds great significance in the city, in the earlier days, the locals would wait annually for the exhibition to purchase the produce from all over the country. But, now thanks to easy connectivity one does not have to wait a full year, but the exhibition is still very popular.

This year marked the 77th exhibition which normally houses stalls that sell Clothes, Dry fruits, Footwear, Household decor, Furniture, Toys, and much more all of which I talk in detail with the pictures that follow.

P.S.This is a long post, so long that if you were to actually walk with me it would take you around 4 hours and you would still be left with a section of the fair not tread upon. 

P.PS. Please excuse the picture quality, since I could not carry my camera and had to take these through my phone which does not have a half bitten apple behind it or a marshmallow inside it.

There are various types of clothes on sale, from the traditional Rajasthani Bandhini work to the humble designed Kashmiri clothes to the intricate Lucknowi Chikan suits to the dazzling South Indian handloom saris and even the radiant Pakistani suits and kurtis.

A stall with Rajasthani attires.

There are a wide variety of stalls from Lucknow which offer the Chikan work suits and kurtis, it’s one of the prominent sections and is pretty popular.

The Chikan suits as might strike you are no where remotely related to the bird Chicken, though pronounced the same, these are cotton suits with intricate thread work and are super comfortable. 

Pakistani & Kashmiri suits on display. Trust me, there were so many and most of them were very pretty.

There are also plentiful of stalls with only toys to lure all the little kids in the exhibition. 

There are also lots of beautiful woodcraft and wood furniture on display which can add an elegant medieval feel to your house. 


Coming to my favorite part, food.

We kicked it off with the first chaat stall that came our way for some Paani Puri, only to later realize that I should have walked a little further to the popular Gokul Chat stall,  nevertheless quite a few fast food/chaat stalls are present.

A blurred image of the popular local ice cream brand which had several stalls all around the ground, Masqati Ice Cream.

There is a special dedicated section for dry fruits that are brought by traders from Kashmir, and you can easily vouch for that once you see the salesman speak in Kashmiri Urdu. 

Again, in the olden days the exhibition was awaited for the high quality of annual stock of dry fruits the local would buy and many still do. 

Moving on to more food.

A very busy and popular stall was one offering Kababs, obviously. 

After not major discussion, we opted for the Chicken Malai Kabab.

And, some Indian Chinese Hakkah noodles, because sometimes I do like Desi Chinese(*pun not intended for any advertising*).

One thing any fair feels incomplete without, Sugar Candy!

Also, we bought the small popcorn packs which I forgot to click.

A view of a small part of the exhibition with the sea of people from the rides section.

How did I get on the top? 

Scroll down, please. 

We were on the height because we decided to go watch what is called “Maut ka kuaan” roughly translated as “Well of Death”, nope it is not a haunted house.

It is a display of skill by brave motorcycle and car drivers who drive spherically along the edge of the well shaped structure on the very top of which the audience stands as spectators.

It was an enthralling experience, at one point there were three cars and four bikes all rounding at once and their respective drivers were sitting casually with their hands away from the steer and sitting in the window waving at the audience and my eyes only widened in shock.

The exhibition is incomplete without the mention of the Hyderabad Haleem served there by the renowned Pista House. 

Unfortunately though, we could not get any because even though we were early they apparently ran out of Haleem to serve.

The LED signs making the popular outlet stand out.

Lastly, before leaving we passed through the jewelry stalls where various silver, imitation of gold and also stone jewelry was for sale. 

The gold and glitz like no other. 


And, that brings us to the end of this incredibly long post! 

If you managed to stick around till the end, I hope you found it entertaining and slightly informative about how fairs/exhibitions in India are, so thank you for your time!

Have a great weekend!

Until Next Time!



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