The Knight in Shining Armor!

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Asalaamalaikum(Peace be on you), 

Hello there!

This week, I do not even have any excuse for being late.

Trust me, as soon as the weekend begins my first thoughts drift towards what should I do for the blog?

After much self debating I decided to take the risk and go ahead again with another unconventional post, this time, I literary speak my heart out.

I believe that life is a series of lessons, we keep learning. ( This is just one of the many attempts of mine at understanding what life really is, just a drop in the ocean really)

And along so, one such lesson is being your own hero.

Only a few days back, one of my lecturer spoke about how dependency is a misery, she pressed on being independent and being able to look after ourselves on our own.

Just before then I had watched a show which I was still pretty hungover on and one instance in the same, where the lead heroine is stuck in a situation and not the main lead hero or any other characters are able to save her but herself, and that’s when she says, “At one point, I just knew that the only person capable to save me is myself and nobody else.

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When I thought, I realized how my mother always taught us the same, since a very young age, my mother has always insisted on being self sufficient and capable.

I am not saying that we never ask anybody for any help or support. We are human beings.

And, humans are social animals. Networking, connecting, communicating, supporting and caring is inherent in our nature.


In any time of distress, we shouldn’t look around for solutions from somebody else and play the victim card. We should always prepare for ourselves.

In the end, we are our own saviors and heroes.

Whenever any situation arises where you feel stuck, I know you might say we only turn to others when we really cannot make it through, but just really ask yourself can’t you? You can.

You have to believe you can, easy to say, I know. 

I know, how easy it is to say things like these and so very hard to do.

But that courage and strength comes with time, with you accepting the fact and convincing yourself through it all that you can and you will, you can fall and ask for help but never be completely and totally dependent, look after yourself, just the basic look out.

Also, even in Islam, again and again in the Quran we are informed of how in the end on the day of judgement, brothers will flee from one another for their own selves, what better an example of the day when people will be the most desperate and trying to be their own saviors. 

Well, we are all heroes

Our capes are different. 

But, our fights and struggle the same. 

Our emotions different, but the pain and happiness felt same. 

We are all one

Yet, one must know to stand for oneself. 

You are the knight in shining armor. 

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Now, quite a different post isn’t it? 

I hope you have a great week of whatever is left ahead! 

Until Next Time!





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