Indian Packaged Snacks!

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Asaalamalaikum(Peace be on you), 

How have you been doing? 

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In my head, it’s just been too long since we spoke about food. So, today we talk food, again. 

Just when I think I have talked all about food, there are untouched spectrum and subjects with regards to food.

Today, we talk about my personal picks for ‘Fast Food Packaged Indian snacks’ that I have come to savor in the past 3 years.

Now, this isn’t an exhaustive list, simply because it’s been a while since we last made a run to the departmental store, and I am kind of low on stock. 

So, here’s presenting few of my favourite packaged Indian goodies. 

Now, in India, everything must have an Indian touch, even the continental goodies, which means it’s either Masala or Tandoori flavour. Now that did really make me wonder, if every country did have it’s own tweaked versions, then why have I not had Mandi flavoured or Shawarma flavoured chips yet?

Moving on, Indianized snacks are a  bit of setback to people moving here from other places, because as far as the middle east is concerned we are more used to neutral flavours.

So, initially I hated all the packaged snacks, there was just too much Masala(Seasoning) in everything. 

Nope, I am not one of those who would have Kurkure flown in with relatives from India. Never. 

But, now after many trials and decision making, I have a few favourites that I actually enjoy and make sure are sitting in my cart, every time we go out for grocery shopping. 

Also, to the ones slightly confused about India having departmental stores, since you assumed its pretty rural out here and thinking, ‘Well, Walmart didn’t make it there? Where do you even shop?’ 

We do have a good number of departmental stores, pretty big ones at that located at very short distances, probably not as great as elsewhere, but we are getting there.(Ratnadeep for the win!) 

Moving on, the basics of eating any packaged Indian snack is to learning how to open it. You cannot simply pinch it open, like your usual packets, you tear it open from the side, in fact I was taught this by a cousin who too had to learn the trick, and thankfully I no longer struggle and frustrate over my inability to open a simply silver wrap. 

In India, Nachos are big. You would find equal amount of shelf space dedicated to Nacho packets as much as there is for normal chips. 


There are Indian flavours of Nachos, but the regular ones are predominant and pretty tasty too. I make a dip for these sometimes myself, or simply crunch them as is. 


This is my absolute and only favorite Lays Chips. It has a sweet and slight chilli tinge to it, making it a good snack. 


Since we are talking about packaged snacks, I guess this could also make through the cut. 

I honestly love these packets, I was initially very apprehensive since, its packaged and what if it tasted all half cooked or chewy, but thankfully it turned out well. 

These are a blessing, when you are really tired and need quick energy but with also good taste. I know what they say about ready to eat packaged food, but once in a while, when necessity calls, it doesn’t matter. 


I do not like the regular Maggi at all, so I have been trying the various other flavours, and this was alright or maybe my taste buds are now more adaptive. 


These are one of my favourite snacks, these are like papads but flatter, and they are very light but heavy on taste. We found the methi flavour Khakra to be the tastiest from the rest. 

Bending towards the Indian snacks, 


Okay, now there are several variations to these, but any type of chaklis are my favourite. I love munching on these. You even get the rice flour ones, and have several variations in flavours, I really appreciate them all. 

Well, this is all that I could ramble in from the pantry as of now. I am sure there quite a few things I am missing out on, but I will try to fill them in later, when I do get them. 

As for now, I am dangerously close to my end sem examinations and I might not be regular, so do remember me in your prayers. 

And I do hope, that you have a fantastic week ahead, as you steer through whatever the week throws at you!

Until Next Time!











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