Marhaba ya Ramadan!

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful 

Asaalamalaikum(Peace be on you), 

How have you been doing? Importantly, how are your fasts coming along? I hope they are smooth, InshaAllah. 

The first few fasts are usually our body and mind adjusting to the new schedule of food and sleep. 

But with time, we get used to it and end up getting up at Suhoor times even after Ramadan.

One of the reasons, why I love this month, is how everybody is on their perfect behavior and willing to do a little extra than they would usually do, and that is not just in matters of religion. 

You find people more willing to help somebody, care and share more, just basically giving up on the “it’s not my problem” syndrome and replacing it with “I can help and it’s Ramadan, so maybe I should” for a while. 

So ironical, that one of the main ideals our religion professes is good behavior. 

Iftaar(Breaking of fast) is significant with regards to the blessings of Dua(prayers) being accepted at the time and also pivotal to the Ramadan exuberance with the food. 

I have seen several posts ranting about eating light and healthy for Iftaar, and highlighting how Ramadan isn’t all about food. 


But, everything needs a balance. 

For me, just as the tired legs yet a content heart after Taraweeh is the feeling of Ramadan, sipping on cold and sweet Rooh Afza after a bite of a crunchy Sambosa is one of the feelings of Ramadan. 

Time devoted towards getting closer to the Quran, doing zikr is of utmost importance during these days and one shouldn’t at all at the cost of these dish out delicacies. 

But, by planning and being prepared well, I think one can manage to pull both off. 

I didn’t even have this planned for today, I had thought of talking about Iftaar favourites and a selection of resources which I find extremely useful in strengthening our bond with the Quran.

But, we still have a month left, so next time InshaAllah and as I had said before let’s keep this as short as possible.

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I hope our fasts are easy and all our devotion and prayers accepted, InshaAllah.

Until Next Time!








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