Ramadan Guide!

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful 

Asalaamalaikum(Peace be on you), 

One week of Ramadan is already gone! 

I hope that in the days that went by, we have come even if it is slightly ahead in renewing our faith, InshaAllah. 

Like I had mentioned before, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the resources that help me understand the Word of our Master, and just our religion in general. 

Because, only when we seek to know, we realize that there is so much that we don’t know and so much that we, ourselves as Muslims misunderstand. 

First of all, a major notion that people perceive is that for anyone to gather and learn more, you have to be “extremely pious” and “religious”. 

Once, you decide to shed all perceptions and not for anybody but just to answer for yourself, “Why am I a Muslim?”  If you just answered that with, “because I was born one”. 

Then mate, we need to sort our priorities. (If you haven’t you should check this video out.)

Do not do anything in life, only because you have to and were told to, especially religion.

Allah loves it, when His worshipers desire to seek knowledge and want to know the logic and ideology behind everything.

Honestly, once you seek to know,  you will have content and peace you have never experienced before, simply knowing that you choose to be a Muslim with your heart. 

The more you seek, the more you will know.

Especially in this generation, with Internet, there are so many paths for us to be able to discover our wonderful religion. 

There are so many amazing notable speakers who are making tedious, innovative efforts to connect with the people and help them gain knowledge and perspective.

Let’s begin then! 

  •  Halal Tube 


This is basically a website which will offer you lectures from several speakers and on an array of possible topics, they basically provide all the lectures that exists on YouTube but in a comprehensive manner. 

  • Muslim Central 


This website too offers extensive options of lectures but they also provide the lectures in audio format which can also be downloaded, which is a little helpful since you can listen anytime and anywhere with your convenience. 

Now talking of speakers, 

  • Nouman Ali Khan

I have to go in detail for this. On any matter, his lectures can be very thought provoking, and very relatable, especially when you get to know his own story, that until he was in college,  he didn’t know how to pray and did have faith in Islam, and so he discovered answers to questions that anyone us could have and rather than blindly following, understand why and what. 

Two years back in Ramadan, already familiar with NAK’s style of relatable and laced with light humor lectures, I joined Bayyinah TV, and Alhamdulillah it has had a very positive impact on my relation with the Quran since then. If you can, I would suggest you too to join Bayyinah. 

Else wise, you can find his lectures anywhere even on YouTube, his detailed anatomy of the Quran is also very intriguing and interesting. He has an ongoing series for Ramadan, where in he is talking about the Juz Amma(30 para) which we are very familiar with. 

  • Mufti Menk 

He is a pretty popular speaker, his slight addition of humor and ability to connect easily makes his lectures interesting and intriguing. 

As of now, I have recently started following his Ramadan series, which is a lecture of about 30 minutes and is pretty interesting. (Link here!)

  • Omar Suleiman 

He is another speaker, known for his approachable and flexible style, which can intrigue you and prove thought provoking, his works for the community is also pretty renowned.

He has an ongoing series called “Revive your faith”  which are very short videos(literary 5-6 mins), I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to them, but you can check them on his Facebook page and also by clicking on the link.

  • Farhat Hashmi 

I will be honest, I haven’t been following her, but I have heard her previous lectures and her website has elaborate options of resources on offer. (Link here!) 

There are also a few books that I could list, but this post would become too long, and maybe accessing the books won’t be an easy option as simply clicking on the links above.

Well, that does brings us to the end of this hopefully helpful post. Do share this, with anyone you think could benefit from it! 

To think of it, just to ensue balance I am going to share the Iftaar, I had with my friends, Alhamdulillah. (which is already on Instagram, go follow if you haven’t already!) 

Until Next Time!



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