Burger Banter!

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Asalaamalaikum(Peace be on you), 

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How have you been? 

Good, I hope Insha’aAllah. 

Out of the blue, I am craving for Al-Baik. 


Actually, it’s just fries. 

It’s been a while since I have had some crispy golden french fries dressed in silky red ketchup. Sigh. 

While we are at it, let’s talk about burgers then! 

I know, many people have post Ramadan pledged to a healthier diet and I may be getting in the way of their resolve, but if you can’t eat, you can at least talk about it. 

Did I share with you the best burger that I have ever had? 


T’is the humble charcoal burger, we get literary behind our house in Jeddah.

Burger’s are one of the most scrumptious fast food.

The juicy patty grilled to perfection till it’s juices drip on pressure, dressed in ketchup and mayo, blanketed in crunchy lettuce atop rings of tomatoes and clothed in soft fresh bun from both sides. 

Are we drooling yet? Scroll down. 


It is a local burger cafe, called Watni Burger and it is awesome.

P.S How is that over priced Bebsi(Pepsi) coming along for y’all in Saudi? 

I know, a lot of you must be a little surprised by my choice of burger. But, I do not pass this judgement blindly. 

I have tasted burgers from other very popular joints as well. 

Such as the globally popular,  Fuddruckers.


Or, Shake Shack. 


And, lastly the 19th Century Burger.


They look very appetizing and delicious, but unfortunately do not match up in taste to their looks.

I have also tried the Sultan Burger, extremely popular in Jeddah, it almost gets the taste right but I would still rather settle for the Watni Charcoal burger. 

All these globally recognized brands do not warm my heart and please my taste buds as the simple and compared to all of these very humbly priced Charcoal burger. 

This, is not excluding McDonald’s which is a go-to burger option for a regular fried and not grilled burger.

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Picture above from McDonald’s MiddleEast official website 🙂 

McDonald’s doesn’t even need to be in a list, it knows it’s spot in my heart. 

Also, my deepest apologies to all those who haven’t had Halal Mc’D yet. 

To be fairly honest, we don’t eat it while we are in India too, because they can make any claims to make their products sell, so I do understand your pain. 

Also, we don’t even get McFillet here!

That felt really good, writing about food! 

Now I am definitely craving burgers despite thanks to the post Eid wedding season, I have a mildly upset stomach, which has made any food undesirable.

And so, I take your leave for now. 

Do keep me in your prayers. 

And if you want to eat a burger now, then just eat it, because life is too short for overthinking over burgers. 

Have a great week ahead, Insha’aAllah! 

Until Next Time!




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