Travel Dreaming!

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Asala’amalaikum(Peace be on you),

How have you been doing? 

It’s only half way through the week and you are probably tired, hold on there as we unwind together. 

Even though it’s very much Monsoon in the Indian subcontinent, it is still summer in many areas on the globe. 

The one thing which is synonymous to Summer, well right after the sun is vacation! 

With us hooked on to social media, getting vacation goals is easy. 

Also, many people take short breaks any time of the year,simply pack their bags and visit a place of their choice. 

Well, this many doesn’t necessarily include a lot of us, especially the Desi(South Asian) ones yet. 

But, we all do dream and desire, Desi or not. 

My top most bucket list place to visit, 

*drum rolls* 

Nothing better than eating a delish @harighotra  dinner on the beach in the #Maldives! YES PLEASE!


If you know anything about me, you know I love the sea (Haven’t you scrolled up and seen the banner) 

I mean just look at this place. 

Paradise island, Maldives.

Natural walkway in Maldives : pics

The Maldives Islands #Maldives

They have glowing plankton flowing ashore, which sparkle at night under the twinkling stars. 

Nature's most spectacular shows #legatotravel

Also, minor yet major detail, it’s an Islamic country! 

So, one can eat whatever we want, and the absolute pleasure of listening to the Azaan meddled with the waves and a breath taking sun set in sight. Sigh.

*Cue wide eyes and fast heart beats*

To be fairly honest, I had no topic planned for today and had almost drafted another post but I just went with the flow, and wrote down this as what popped in my head. 

I would love to know, which place you really want to visit and why? 

I really do hope that we all are able to visit where we wish to, and maybe one day, I share with you all pictures not off the net but the ones that I click, InshaAllah. 

And maybe if you can, then shed all apprehensions and go see the world! 

Also, we hit 50 posts! I guess nothing better than talking about this beautiful place on a small benchmark we reached together. 

Well, I can share with you this impromptu midnight chocolate muffins I baked last week. 


To sweeter and greater things ahead, InshaAllah! 

Lastly, if you haven’t yet please do check @MisfitNarrator on Instagram so that we stay in touch more often! 

Until Next Time!




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