Hello August!

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful 

Asalaamalaikum(Peace be on you), 

How has your week been coming along? 

It’s August already! 

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The 8th month of the year is here, four more before a year closes. 

It’s ad nauseam to talk about time flying, but I am always a little surprised. 

Aren’t we all? 

With the little things titled unimportant but that aren’t so,

the ones that shouldn’t matter but oh they do,

the ones that somehow had taken a back seat in our head,

but had always been there and yet when we are reminded,

we are surprised,

sometimes even shaken. 

Such are humans, funny beings. 

But who am I to judge that? 

One important lesson I have learnt, 

What is someone’s weird, 

could be the other’s normal. 

No judgments, only discovering, learning 

and maybe even appreciating. 

Now, where did I start and where have I landed! 

But I wanted to do an offbeat rant, one that probably doesn’t make much sense. 

If you have begun to think that I didn’t plan through much for this week you are right. 

I simply started typing, still am and I think I am just going to post this the way it is. 

Because, I can’t think of what else to talk about. 

Writer’s Block is real. 

And it’s worst for not what it is but the unknown span it lasts. 

Honestly, it’s more of an Ideas Block than the writer, since to begin with I couldn’t put together what to write about in the first place.

Even so, I don’t want to leave you in a lurch. 

I plan on another post, which I will link here, one of my scribbling which I had turned in for a competition almost a year back, and one I had drafted in an hour simply inspired(immensely if I may say) from Harry Potter.

And since it was 31st July yesterday (Potter heads know the significance), it makes sense to me, to share it with you all! 

I really hope you have a great week ahead and our minds eased with all that it worries, our hearts content and our lips etched with smiles, Ameen! 

Do take care of yourselves!

Until Next Time!








2 thoughts on “Hello August!

  1. It happens, you know. The only way to beat the writers block is to keep writing, even if there is no coherence! And I think the readers actually enjoy occasional posts like this — unplanned and raw. Keep up the good work! May Allah put ease for you and happiness in your smiles ❤️

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