Short Story (Harry Potter inspired)!


If you’ve directly stumbled upon this page, let me give you a heads up, this is a one shot short story I had turned in for a competition almost a year ago and mustered up courage to post this on the blog.

I hope you enjoy it.


“Lights out. I shall not hear even the slightest murmur.” The harsh voice of Aunt Maggot resonated from the bare furniture in the room, as she left while banging the door shut.

Tessa shut her eyes and buried herself in the duvet. Sleeping wasn’t easy for Tessa. It took her hours before she could fall asleep and some days she didn’t sleep at all. But thankfully, tonight she didn’t even have to try.

Alice and James would be here any minute and they would all be off and far away from here. Even if it was for just a little while, Tessa loved their weekly trips to Magsmeade in the skies.

Earlier, she would wish if she could visit every day but as she grew up she wished to never leave, she hoped for a day when she could live there forever.

There is a light knock on the window, and Tessa quickly prances from the bed and hops over to the window with extreme caution. The spell would be activated only after she left, hence she had to be very careful to not let anyone in the house know of her departure.

She neatly jumps off the window while murmuring the spell, she had now become a master at. In her first attempt she had fallen right on her face, it took Modame Nurse quite a few potions and spells to fix her face.

“You are finally getting better at it.” Alice remarks with a smirk. “I am still on my toes, to hold you in case you fall, can’t afford to waste another of our nights fixing you.” James says with a smug smile. “Don’t I have the most amazing friends in the whole wide world?” Tessa says with a hint of annoyance.

“Not just the world, but the whole of Magsmeade.” Alice corrects her as they begin walking. “Don’t say it out loud, I have heard things aren’t going too well right now.” James says sternly. “Are we flying or spinning through?” I ask him.

“The sky is clear, there are orders to only spin through.” He says guiding them away from the town. The darkness loomed in the blanket of sky glistening with twinkling stars, Tessa’s heart thumps faster against her chest, even after all this while the adrenaline of crossing over burned within her.

“Let’s go home.” James said holding out his hand which the others two firmly hold. The three reflecting the same excited smile.

Everything starts blurring and meddling into mere colours as they spin through. Among the many things they learnt, they had also learned to be steady and not get nauseous through the travel. Though they unanimously had an understanding of flying whenever possible, there was just another thrill in doing that.

The sound of waves lashing against the shore fills the air, as they all open their eyes and realize their place of arrival. “This is a first.” Tessa remarks as they all look around the wilderness. “We are close to the End of the Skies.” Alice says looking ahead in what appeared like the horizon.

“They did warn me that the entry and exit were pretty tight, I just didn’t expect to be thrown so far away.” James sighs as he throws his arms in air with irritation. “So, what do we do now?” Tessa questions.

“Our spells are not working, they must have done this as a security measure.” Alice says sitting down on the grainy sand. “Does that mean we are stuck here?” she asks in almost a whisper.

“Unless…” James begins looking at the sea. “It would be worth a shot.” Alice says rising. “Hold on, what are we talking about?” Tessa says completely lost.

“It is believed that the Skies End is basically the last level, you float through it back onto earth.” Alice informs her moving towards the water. “Hold on, are we really going to just walk in there because of a belief you two have heard? What if we end up in somewhere dangerous?” Tessa says raising her voice.

“Even if it is, I think I wouldn’t mind a little adventure than being stuck on a beach for who knows how long.” Alice turns back and answer. That is enough to trigger James, “Let’s go, Tess. We all have got each other.” He says turning towards her extending his hand, “Let’s go.” she accepts.

The sea is nothing like what is on the earth. It feels extremely light and is not shallow in the beginning you begin to float as soon as you enter. Tessa touches her clothes and they do not feel wet either.

In the distance what looked like the end, there is whirl in the water. “This is it.” Alice says turning back, excited. “See you guys on the other end” she says with her last words disappearing as she got pulled in the whirl of the sea.

Next James follows, “See you, Tess.” He says and disappears. Tessa immediately moves forward to not miss them wherever they would land. With her heart thumping fast against her chest, she lurches forward.

She feels like she is drowning but not suffocating, she is sinking deep in the water but she can see it all very clearly. Slowly, the liquid surrounding her slowly begins to solidify and with a sudden jerk she feels thin air enveloping her body.

She turns around and finds herself looking above at the buildings of the city. She yelps in surprise, scared if she would land on her face again, this time it wasn’t three storeys but the sky itself.

She opens her eyes and finds herself smoothly floating in the sky and descending downwards. She looks around for her friends and finds them slightly lower than her, Alice almost reaching the ground.

Tessa intakes a sharp breath. She devours the beautiful sight of the sleepy city shining under the silver of the night sky.


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