Let the Weekend Roll!

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Asala’amualaikum(Peace be on you),

How have you been?

I write this post against the pitter patter of rain drops on my window sill.

This year the monsoon has been very moody, if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know how the bright shining sun is replaced with dark pouring clouds in no time.

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It’s Saturday night, and here I am doing one of the things that makes me happy.

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This week, has a long weekend for us Indians!

Ideally, my perfect weekend must have an outing nestled, despite being out and about the entire week, it feels refreshing to leave the house to go somewhere else than the usual.

Also, isn’t weekend just synonymous to catching up on sleep. It’s one day when I can blissfully cancel all alarms and wake up when my brain decides to.

The best part of the weekend though is the night before the holiday, which is Saturday night in India. It’s the time when you know, there’s still a day, where you can sleep in, make up for all the things you have to do, just simply be content that you have one more day.

And that’s exactly why, Sunday night is the most dreadful, it’s just knowing that you have an entire week ahead of you before another day to relax and rejuvenate arrives.

Earlier, weekend used to be the time we would get a chance to eat out and I would plan where to eat the whole week and that would be one of the things that would keep me excited for the weekend.

Why are you giving me that look? If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I am a foodie.

Talking about food!

We had stir fried noodles for dinner last week.



Sometimes when I want to get slightly fancy but less work, I throw in some veggies and either an egg or chicken pieces in our good’ol Indomie.

Though this time, we used the ready to boil noodles, and whipped out our own sauce to dress the noodles and veggies in.

Also, I decided to try the Arabic dessert that I have deep love for, Kunafa.

This was my trial batch and I did not want to take risk with ruining too much of my Kunafa dough, hence I settled on making Kunafa cups in the muffin mold.


They turned out alright, somehow despite greasing the paper cups they got stuck and the texture wasn’t exactly what I desired.

But, you try and you learn.

Sneaking in, some life advice wrapped in my cooking tales.

I wouldn’t want to take too much of your precious weekend time.

Go out, meet up with your friends or cousins you haven’t in a long time, or just invite them over if you are lazy and order in.

But seriously, it is best to meet up with your people at all possible chances.

I hope you have an amazing weekend and an even great week(I mean the week that follows a long weekend is shorter)!

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Until Next Time!



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