Stroll through Chowmahalla Palace!

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Asalaamalaikum(Peace be on you), 

It’s Sunday evening! 

The depressing part of the week, but hey I hope you’ve had a refreshing weekend or even if not, your week ahead turns out to be great, InshaAllah!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know it’s been cloudy and raining since 3 days and that has brought down the temperature considerably down, urging me to sit down with a cup of coffee as I write this. 

Again, if you follow me on Instagram, last Monday I visited Chowmahalla Palace and posted about it on my story! 


 From the title you do know, that this post is dedicated to just that. 

It’s been a really long time since I explored a new place, and even if it’s in the city I have been living for 3 years, it felt so good to visit. 

Honestly, it’s one of my top goals to strike off all the must visit places in Hyderabad, at least now!

Moving on. 

Chowmahalla is a palace of the Nizams, it was the seat of the Asaf Jahi dynasty and was the official residence of the Nizams of Hyderabad while they ruled their state. 


In Urdu, ‘Char’ means four, and in Hindi ‘Mahal’ means palace, hence the name Chowmahalla Palace.


The maintenance and upliftment of the Palace’s heritage is commendable, because walking right in you feel like you are back in the Nizam era. 



Look at all those detailed carving! 


It was extremely humid and hot that day! 

The Mahal which hoists the Grand Darbar in all it’s restored glory which automatically take you back in time. 




The view of the Darbar from the side gallery. 



Next, the view from the Third Palace of the luscious spread garden and fountain.


This palace with the view was exquisitely grand, and was also restricted for entry. But, here is how it looks from the out side. 


Can you imagine how it must have looked back in the day in it’s former glory?


The tile work was also beautiful.


The Last Mahal had mannequins adorned in clothes and jewellery from the era. 




There was also a prominent clock, which was very significant then.



There were also cars from that era of display, a key attraction of the place but due to the glass window there was lot of glare and shadow and I couldn’t capture much.


The Last Palace also had an exclusive garden which too was restricted for entry.


The grand gates that lead from one palace to another. 



This was a pretty long post! 

I hope you had fun strolling in through the palaces with me. 

Take very good care of yourselves! 

Until Next Time!





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