Life through the Lens!

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful 

Asalaamalaikum(Peace be on you), 

How are you? 

If you are either in KSA or UAE, you’ve gone back to work after a long weekend which is a rarity there, you could either be feeling all the blues or effectively rejuvenated.

For the rest of us, it’s just another Monday after our usual weekend! 

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Have you checked out the new outlay of the blog? 

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I could sense a lot of exuberance this weekend, due to the Dussehra holidays for kids here and the celebrations of National Day in Saudi, leading up to my feed with celebratory posts.

And that reminds me, it was the Saudi National Day on 23rd September!

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I wanted to share something which struck me as one of my midnight musings and is on the lines of which I had read long ago, in ‘7 Habits of Effective Teens’. 

We, despite our varied eyesight are all spectacled. 

Spectacles, which helps us look at, not things but situations in our lives. 

If glasses are nerdy for you, think of lenses, all I need you to think of is an avenue to look at life. 

Now, all our spectacles are differently designed, each suited to one’s way of thinking, approaching and looking at situations.

Hence, what I see of a situation may be different from what others see of the same state. 

And often, we do not realize that we are wearing slightly different glasses and are upset when someone doesn’t react or attend to something the way you do. 

It is essential that we realize that everyone has a different outlook and maybe they do not see things your way but they also might be able to see things that you don’t. 

Share your visions, outline the differences and paint the most beautiful picture, together. 

Also, just like any other spectacles, our lenses do tend to get dirty or foggy, and since this happens perpetually you begin to think this is how your vision always was, blurred. 

And that’s when we stumble and even fall, when what we see and perceive is unclear and hazy. 

Sometimes, cleaning your own lens may not be easy, take help if required and look up with a new vision. 

Now now, that sounded like I ripped off a page from a personality development book. 

But, I assure the words and thoughts are my own, and no copyright has been violated. 

I beg your pardon, if I weighed you in with some life philosophy, but it’s a good way to escape the monotony of life in the beginning of week, to think of life itself. 

I hope you have a great week ahead!

Take good care of yourselves. 

Until Next Time!






6 thoughts on “Life through the Lens!

  1. This was different! A very unique way to convey one of life’s philosophies 😉
    But really, when we stop realising this, THAT’S when conflicts begin. I loved this!
    Stay blessed❤️ and may we all get through these Monday blues 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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