Let’s Get Real. |

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful 

Asalaamalaikum(Peace be on you), 

How has everyone been doing? 

This is probably the longest I have been away. 

But, I hope in the long time that I was gone, all of you were doing well and good, InshaAllah

Let me be honest with you. 

The thing is that I have a project, a website to design and develop. Which basically has me squeezing all my writer instincts constantly and barely leaving any for here.

I know this blog is passion driven, and how can I possibly not? But trust me, at one point I was so done with spending so much time before the laptop screen that I even gave up on watching shows. 

Now do you feel the intensity? Gave up on two things, that genuinely make me happy. 

But, I finally decided that no more of this step child treatment and here I am. 

Ardently wishing, that you, sitting across another screen, understand. 

And hopefully, and more importantly are still here reading this and not totally given up that anything interesting will ever be here.

Honestly, reading through old posts I have realized that the recent posts haven’t been up to the mark and also they aren’t really recent either. 

And that has further brimmed me with guilt. 

But, I promise to make a sincere effort, might take some time but I really will. 

Just hang in there, will you? 

Also, while we are at it, why don’t you take a look at the website that has had all my attention.

It’s essentially a travel blog that I have designed, conceptualized and written, everything from any tiny line on the screen to the entire color scheme. 

If you have time do give it a visit, the website is here Move Around World

I would really appreciate sincere feedback about it. I am constantly striving to make it better and honest feedback helps heaps. 

I cannot at all leave without discussing the weather. 


Winter is pretty much here. 

Snuggling in the warmth of the blanket, while my popsicle toes continue to freeze nevertheless, is the most apt way to summarize the weather. 

But the fact, that there is less sweating and layering of clothes with no discomfort is one of the perks of winter. (IF by chance you want to, here’s a post from last year talking about the season at length, December Dawns

Sincerely, I am really active on my Instagram handle @MisfitNarrator , so we can stay in touch there! 

Thank you for your time and patience. 

I hope you have a great week ahead. 

And since it’s the start of December, also a great month to end the year just right.

Keep me in your prayers. 

Until Next Time!






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