That is a Wrap – Twenty Seventeen 2017!

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Asalaamalaikum(Peace be on you),

3 days.
3 days more and a new year unfolds.
I don’t have any beliefs in celebrations for a year,
but I assume it is good to have a time mark,
to signify that a phase or chapter is over,
to analyze and evaluate it with the other,
to know how far we have come,
or how much or little we changed,
something to tell us, all of us together,
that in the end, we are all just humans,
foolish humans, year by year making mistakes,
learning too much or not, but never forgetting it is only human to care,
for even when there is despair,
holding on to hope with all our might,
for even when things seem right,
we are all just humans,
and that time,
really doesn’t wait for any man or woman alike.

For the past two weeks, all things 2017 have been flooding my timeline all over the internet.

That got me a little nostalgic, and I just had to take a moment and look back myself.

On a personal level, it hasn’t been that great a year, but we are always striving and hoping for better.

Like for this blog, I wouldn’t shy away from admitting that I miserably failed to make this year better than the previous. We had better and regular content in 2016, and this year was no where close.

And nothing else stood out for me much this year.

Despite it all, when I had that moment of thinking, I realized I graduated this year.

Totally forgot that, weird, I know.

For some reason, graduating in my head is part of 2016, and that was a surreal year really.

And then self doubt overtook, and I started questioning a lot of choices.

But, I told myself to look for blessings in the little things, and be proud of passing out with better results than I had honestly expected myself to.

On the other hand, we started an Instagram handle under this blog.

Nope, we don’t have jaw dropping figures of followers, not even applause worthy but I again told myself it’s a start.

Then, I also managed to design a website which isn’t earning me a penny yet.

But, I received a lot of heart warming and confidence boosts with regards to the same and that makes want to strive harder till I get there.

Now, see that’s how it is, there will always be the positives that the negatives will try to overshadow, it will be a constant battle of balance.

If you think, I have a word of advice on striving that balance, ah then no, I am just at the surface looking at this insurmountable mountain called life, just when I think I have taken a leap, it’s only a step and so I am in no position of advising.

This post turned out so differently than what I had first in mind, I thought I would do a run through of all the global affairs this year, but this was much better right, much personal and very much philosophical.

I really hope that the year to come, brings with it a lot of opportunities for all of us to become better than we are, grow and learn in the process, and do all of this with smiles that we always cherish.

Take real good care of yourselves.

Until Next Time!



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