Asalama’laikum(Peace be on you)!

Heylo there!

Let me manifest first of all that I am a human, but sometimes I like to believe that I may have some connections with polar bears, not sure though or maybe I should have been a marine dweller since the sea is my heaven on earth.

Therefore, in the human world I was brought up in the beautiful city, the Bride of the Red Sea, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and am currently pursuing my graduation in India, in the City of Biryani, Hyderabad.

I am also greatly inspired by the animated cat Garfield, and hence have profound love for sleep and food.(Yep, I love me some lasagna)

So, if you love food, the sea, or nature at large, sleeping, dreaming, believing or just living, then take a deep breath and dive into this crazy world with me.

Hoping to see you around!