Saudi Diaries – I #Summer2017

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful 

Asalaamalaikum(Peace be on you), 

It’s only been a week since the last one? Felt so long I don’t even know why. 

How have you been doing, not rhetorically but really? Just sincerely answer that to yourself every time I ask, please, will help you clear your mind.

Nothing validates homecoming to Jeddah like treating yourself to the splendid fast food crown of the Western Kingdom, Al Baik. 


Right now, I don’t have pictures of the sandwiches and the Fried chicken because by the time it struck me to take pictures, this was all that was left. 

Never the less, I absolutely love their Shrimp Meal as well, there is nothing like the menu items offered in Al Baik available anywhere else. 


The Al Baik Nuggets again are a taste play you will never find or taste. 


I decided to completely slack myself for a week, and one fine day, when I felt like it, I even made myself my favorite and pretty exquisite Tuna Sandwich for breakfast with the amazing Lays Tomato Ketchup Chips(Not available in India) and luckily I had some Baskin Robbins milkshake to slurp it with, undoubtedly, I was in a state of bliss. 


Talking of bliss, if you know absolutely anything about me, you know that nothing makes me more happy than being by the sea. 

With much restraint, I have to hold myself from telling you in depth about why I simply love the sea or what I love, we will definitely dedicate an entire post for the same, why haven’t I done this already though? 

Talking of our recent visit, was on the best of the days, yep, on Friday. 

The weather was amazing, with cool comfortable breeze blowing and the waves riding high on the same as the sun played peek a boo under the beautiful thick ascending fluff of clouds. 

Talking of weather, within two days of our arrival, a whirl of sandstorm took over the city for two days, and it was so severe that they actually had to declare two days off for all educational institutions, and that is saying something severe happened here.

Picture Courtesy- Arab News

So, this time around I hadn’t  planned a reading list, so I picked up a book at the airport and had one more which I had bought mid sem to have had absolutely no time for it.

I also binge watched a Korean drama and I am right now at the usual post show trauma stage, I think I have mentioned this before, but Korean shows are worth the time and hassle of watching with subtitles for their novelty. They just manage to have the perfect blend of drama and realism offering the right entertainment, which I feel most often even English shows fail to do.  *Note to self; a post dedicated to Hallyu(Korean wave) must be done.

I just realized how my entire post is a series of links. 

Also, just please go do even the smallest thing that gives you joy. 

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More than often, we choose practicality over our contentment, just go do it, eat it or watch it or talk about it or whatever that you decided not to because of whatever reason.

I hope you have a great week ahead!

Until Next Time!











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