A geeky affair!

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim 

Asalaamalaikum(Peace be on you)! 

August is here.

A little more than half of 2016 has already passed by.

Slow, fast who are we to say? Time knows its pace.

How have you been doing so far? Good,  even better than good I hope.

I have been lucky in the past week to have an unexpected break from college but we weren’t let off easily, we were bombarded with assignments, which I only took care of two days  back.

Also, in the previous two days I finished two books. One, The book thief and the second, hold your breath, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Now, I honestly believe that books are proof of magic. They just transport you into a different world, into someones head with merely words. So, maybe it is not the books but words that have magic.

Reading is more than passion to me, it is a beautiful gift, which we must cherish. Protip – Never stop reading, and to those who arent so fond of reading it’s never to late. It really is magic on earth.

Talking of what I read.

I have read several books and series. There are several fandoms I support, and in my head a part of me lives in every book I have read.


But Harry potter, for me like many others created this wonderful world of magic and imagination that I was since then besotted with.

I am not an extreme Potter fan, no I wouldnt if given the chance queue up and camp outside the bookstore for it in the cold. But anything that moves me, stays with me.

The world wasn’t real, I knew that, but the magic of words was. Will be, Always.*pun intended*

I had ended up ordering the book in March itself, and so thanks to Amazon it was delivered to me on 2nd August and I may have jumped with joy. I have never been this early.

As soon as I rip open the package, turn to the first page, I save it for when I am completely dedicated and I instantly spot the whole script format, I am not disappointed, just  prepared for it to be different.

I neatly finish off the Book thief and still dealing with Liesels story in my head, when the next day I pick up the coffee brown book lying on my book under my assignments and begin, I do not put it down until I have read the last word.

Yes, I finished the 8th book after 19 years in 4 hours, a first for me as well. The fact that it was in a script form helped as well.

Every Potterhead when read the last word, in the Deathly Hallows or even for that sake saw the last frame of the movie so deeply wanted just a little more of what does happen next and this is exactly that.

Right after the first page, I was back at the station amidst Harry, Ron and Hermione watching the train speed. I was back at Hogwarts, back at my fictional home.

I was gripped, over joyed to meet the characters I thought I would never meet again. Despite several people claiming that since the book is co-written it isn’t the same, I could genuinely feel J.K Rowling winking at me at several places.

The plot isn’t that strong I agree, it could have been better. There are so many references that at some point you wouldn’t mind it being in a script, you are just glad to see the characters you thought were gone so far.

I don’t want to give away anything anymore, read it and find out yourself.

And if you weren’t ever into Potter’s world and have still found your way down here, let me just say for whatever reasons that you have been aloof, any book that strikes a chord in your mind, forces you to think differently, it’s worth being a part of. Anybody can find faults in anything, since nothing can be really perfect, but those who can find their way to appreciate it are the true heroes.

It’s been a long one, this post. But we cannot just leave without discussing about food, so here’s some baked nachos that I made during the break.


P.S The skies are still grey and the roads still damp with rain. This is really turning out to be the most of monsoon I have ever seen.

P.P.S The Kingdom is never forgotten.

Until next time!




2 thoughts on “A geeky affair!

  1. Wow. I am so proud of you :’)
    Honestly i thought i would read a little now and some later on, but it was too good to be left 😀 amazing work. Better keep writing ^_^


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