Breakfast Bites!

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim

Asalaa’malaikum(Peace be on you), 

How has the week that went by been?

Good I hope, InshaAllah but even if it was rough, bumps are necessary to acknowledge a smooth road.

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With this post, we talk completely about food, again.

This time, the most important meal of the day, Breakfast

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Nutritionists have time and again, highlighted the importance of first meal of the day.

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To be fairly honest, unfortunately my breakfast is bare with an apple or a small bowl of cereal but I try.

Moving on to the real deal, the food.

Despite it all, when I am home during holidays or weekends, breakfast is one of my most cherished meals, and we shall walk down through few of them today, together.

Starting off with the Desi humble option, Channa Poori.


Simple yet a riot on taste, this flavorsome chole and bubbling in oil Pooris are one of my favorite breakfast options, and if you have Halwa to go with it, then it may as well be a celebration of taste with the sweet and spicy.

This one’s homemade, but when in Jeddah, the Channa Poori from Mehran is worth all the calories when eaten hot.

The next one, contrasting to something completely not Desi, Pancakes.


Fluffy layers of sponge bathed in chocolate and bejeweled with strawberry, is one of my comfort breakfast options.

Another of my most desirable breakfast options and topping off the list for comfort food is Indomie, it is an instant noodles brand we get in Saudi, and no other noodles can ever be good enough for any Indomie buff.


The next home made breakfast option, that is my go to favorite has to be the Tuna Sandwich I make, which unfortunately I cannot gorge on in India.


From others which I love to eat in the mornings during the weekends has to be Manakeesh. I unfortunately do not have pictures of it, but here’s one from the net.

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It is basically a flat pie bread with different fillings or toppings, an Arab twist to the Pizza if you can say but not so similar on the taste. Jubna(Cheese), Zaata’r, Lahm(Meat) I could eat them all, in all of their varying combinations.

I do also have to make a special mention for the humblest of all, Foul Tameez..

If you are looking for the most common Indian breakfast, Dosa or Idly then I am sorry because neither do I have a picture of nor am I deeply fond of it, I will eat it but it isn’t anywhere on the top ranks.

Well, I guess that is it then.

I would love to hear all about your breakfast specials as well!

Here’s to more appetizing and tasty breakfasts, and a great week ahead!

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Until Next Time!



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