The Iftaar Tale!

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful 

Asalaamalaikum(Peace be on you), 

And the last 10 days are already here!

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Just when a lot of people start loosening their hold, the tremendously blessed last 10 days arrive. 

I really do hope InshaAllah that we are able to give in our best, in these days of surreal importance where in is a night which is described in the Quran as better than a THOUSAND years, we can barely realize the significance this night holds to be compared to a duration of time so long. 

I did plan before to have a dedicated post to Iftaar delicacies, but I really had a time crunch, and I cannot put this away any further,and hence not taking too much of your time, here’s a comprehensive talk on the same. 

So, I will be very generic as a representation of the usual ‘the Desi household’s Iftaar’.

Every year before Ramadan, all my social media feed’s are filled with promises of sticking to a healthy diet, great! But giving up in a few days and then gorging for recovering the lost days is not so great.

Moderation is the key, always. 

The essentials on a Iftaar table are usually a Fruit Chaat, Dahi Vade, Samose/Pakore and Rooh Afza or any other juice. (Go follow @misfitnarrator on Instagram for daily posts!) 

And to me, that is pretty balanced.

You have a bowl of chaat, one dahi vada, a samosa or if it’s Pakora then two and then a glass of drink. Not too heavy, not too light.

The general practice in our house and I guess in many is to fill the fried items such as Samosa or Spring rolls and chuck it in the freezer, they won’t last all month but you might have to repeat the drill only once more. 

Another of my personal favourites are the fluffy puff pastries, which rise in the oven and melt in your mouth. 


Also, on some days you try something new you had seen on your social feed and then resolve to make the same after Ramadan, but somehow whatever is served for Iftaar doesn’t taste as good after. 

Talking of drinks in Ramadan, Rooh Afza represents Ramadan in Desi households, but I also really like Sobiya(A Saudi drink of Barley) which is only available in Ramadan, and in Saudi. 

Like I mentioned in my previous post, A bite of crunchy sambosa(Arabic Samosa) and a sip of cold Rooh Afza. Bliss. 

Talking of Iftaar, to me the most magnificent Iftaar spread is in the Prophet’s Mosque in Madina, where millions of people break their fast together and within minutes the food spreads cleared and prayer performed.

Alhamdulillah, having the opportunity to break my fast there few years back was an absolute pleasure and an unforgettable experience, which I still miss. 

There is no lavish spread, just simple dates, yogurt, bread and Zamzam but the atmosphere and vibe that fills your heart. 

Moving on.

Hyderabad is synonymous to Haleem, right after Biryani. 

There are Haleem vendors literary everywhere, but I only love the one my mother cooks! T’is really the best you will have, just like her Biryani. 

There is more we could talk, but we are taking up very precious time which better be utilized for the greater good. 


Do keep me in your Dua’s in these blessed days.

Also, since it’s Friday, a gentle Jumaah reminder! Don’t forget Surah Kahf amidst our ongoing Quran recital. 

May Allah accept from all of us, bless us and help us come out of this month with renewed and strong faith. Ameen.  

Until Next Time!



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