With love, Chocolate.

Bismillah hi Rahman ni Rahim 

Asalaa’malaikum(Peace be on you), 

The weekend is at the threshold of bidding us goodbye.

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I hope you had a refreshing weekend.

For me, the Monday blues have been overshadowed with pre-exam jitters, the first one being on Tuesday, wish me luck and do remember me in your prayers.

The weather here is refreshingly nice, the days are warm even seething in to hot and the nights cold.

Since, I am home on my preparatory leave, baking was done.


I am no Nigella Lawson, and baking is definitely not my forte but when cravings kick in, it has to be satisfied, especially while studying.

And, I love chocolate.

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I truly live by this quote.

It could be ice creams, cakes, frozen yogurt, or just any dessert I just need everything to be chocolate or it doesn’t appeal to me.

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Now that we are talking about chocolate, then lets just talk about chocolate.



I love all chocolates, but my absolute favorites are Hershey’s Cookies and Chocolate, Kit Kats and Galaxy! I could gorge on them any day.

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Jeddah’s local ice cream fix has been Baskin Robbins for years, you will find a pink-purple BR board almost everywhere. And, my go to choice has been the Chocolate Mousse Royale, unfortunately there is Baskin Robbins here but they just don’t taste the same, they are all imported but I don’t know why it’s different.

Image result for Baskin Robbins chocolate mousse royale

Unfortunately, I do not have pictures for this so had to take them off the Net.

P.S If you’ve stayed in the gulf, then you may have heard of the BR Burj Emlaaq or even dug in that tower.

Now, doesn’t that just sweetly wrap up your weekend.

Honestly, if you are craving some chocolate, life is too short, just go eat it.

Even if it is a molten lava cake, crowned with fluffy whipped cream, floating in thick and hot chocolate syrup, just eat it. 

And to those of you who are raising a brow, come on, it is alright to loosen up in a while, you can walk an extra mile or take an extra flight of stairs the next day for all that it concerns you.

I could honestly go on talking, for my love for chocolate has great depths in which I could easily keep diving in with the bottom nowhere close.

I have realized that most of my posts, are about food, oh well most of my life is about food so I guess that should justify that.

I hope you have a productive and fulfilling week ahead!

Do keep me in your Dua’s!

Until Next Time!





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