Sweet lil Sunday!

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful 

Asalaamalaikum(Peace be on you),

How have you been doing? Great, I hope. 

I know, I know your very first thought is, it isn’t Sunday, what is with the title? It’s Monday and you may also say I am only rubbing salt on your wounds. 

But, I did try my very best to pull this post through yesterday, but I just had too many things to look after. Even then, I cannot lamely excuse myself.

Yet, I felt this title was still valid, because its the beginning of the week, and we can have a sweet beginning while together thinking of the Sunday that went by. 

I am being extremely confusing, right? Must be the Monday blues. 

Sunday’s always pass away quicker than you would want it to, except for the ones in Gulf.

Well, what I meant with sweet beginning was literary talking about sweets.

We talk of sweets not necessarily chocolate and that is important because to me all things sweet better be chocolate.

 Since we spoke at length about chocolate already.(Link here) 

Let’s just talk about desserts. 

On Sunday, I was craving something sweet and these French Toast Nutella roll ups that I vaguely remembered seeing on Tasty, popped in my head, and I didn’t let go until I tried them. 

There were super easy to make, they are your conventional French Toast but only with Nutella spread in them, I didn’t have strawberries but I bet it would taste even more amazing with them. 

Moving on, talking of non-chocolate desserts, this Pineapple Souffle that is my mum’s recipe, is absolutely amazing. 

It has fluffy creamy souffle with the tangy and sweet crunch of Pineapple in between.(Please excuse the quality, these were long before the blogging days)

The next dessert has to be my usual trifle that I make at most of the gatherings or Daawats, though cumbersome and time consuming, the effort is worth the final taste of airy jelly mixed with spongy cake, crunchy fruits and smooth custard and cream on the top. 

Also, a special mention to this trifle shots that I tried.



Since I said sweet things, Pancakes deserve a mention. 


I mean, you can’t just look away from cushions of sweet cakes blanketed in chocolate syrup and if topped off with cream and fruits, bliss. 

While we are at it, I have to mention my visit to Concu, one of the most popular upscale bakeries in Hyderabad. 

The cupcake was extremely soft and light, though the slightly high price is a slight bother. I mean when I did the math, it turned out to be even higher than what a cupcake in Munch would cost me. 

We also had the strawberry cheesecake which was undoubtedly the lightest cheesecake I have ever had. So maybe, we reserve this for the very special occasions.

I could go ahead and start with the Indian desserts but my list would go on with Gulaab Jamun, Ras malai or talking about Basboosa, Kunafa, maybe I should just stop. 

We will do another post exclusively on regional desserts, InshaaAllah. 

For now, I hope you have a week filled with all things sweet and nothing sour ahead! 

Take very good care of yourselves. 

Until Next Time!



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